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INVOPAK are packaging container suppliers to companies in Burton upon Trent and throughout Staffordshire.

Burton upon Trent, England

The Leading Supplier of Packaging and Container Supplies to Burton upon Trent and throughout Staffordshire.

Invopak supply a wide range of rigid plastic containers, buckets, tubs, kegs, lever lid tins, tinplate pails, stackable jerricans, drums, UN Approved cartons and containers, PET containers and aluminium bottles. Burton is associated with the brewing industry. This is due to the quality of the local water, which contains a high proportion of dissolved salts, predominantly caused by the gypsum in the surrounding hills. This allowed a greater proportion of hops which is a natural preservative to be included in the beer, thereby allowing the beer to be shipped further afield.

INVOPAK® have over 60 years experience in sourcing, stocking and selling the complete range of packaging containers to many differing industries in Burton upon Trent, Rugeley and Kegworth. We stock as a Group in excess of £3 million of rigid containers ideal for storing, transporting and decanting differing liquids and solids including powders, gels, balms, hazardous goods, cleaning detergents, paints, solvents, inks, foods, beverages, baits, confectionary, laboratory fluids, varnishes, stains, pharmaceuticals, acids, lubricants, chemicals, coatings, resins, flavours and fragrances, waxes and general components.

Throughout Staffordshire INVOPAK® supply the complete range of rigid packaging containers including those manufactured from plastic, tinplate, aluminium, steel and PET. Utilising our application knowledge and experienced internal and external sales teams Invopak supply businesses in Burton upon Trent and neighbouring Rugeley and Kegworth.

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