About Us

Beyond Packaging

Delivering Our Customer's Product to Market with Confidence

Invopak’s purpose is to Deliver our customers products to market with confidence, this is the reason we exist beyond simply making profit. We are a group of like-minded people who share a common purpose supported by a set of core values. We demonstrate this by what we do and by what we say to our customers every day - for us it is not about what we do, but how we do it that sets us apart.

We stock a comprehensive range of metal and plastic rigid containers, suitable for a variety of industries but our true value is delivering your products when we say we will, giving our customer’s complete confidence to plan their production filling.

We are a forward planning Company and whilst we are proud of our heritage our key driver is to improve on our service and product offerings to our customers by improving what we do by 1%, day in, day out, week in week out.

We are continually shaping our teams to embrace this principal.

Other Trading Divisions

Invopak is part of the Involvement Group which features 3 other trading Divisions namely Ashtown Packaging in Ireland, Manupak and OiPPS. The links below explain more about these Companies and their customer offerings.

Ashtown Packaging