One Percent Improvements

One Percent Improvements

We believe it is better to improve 100 things by 1%, rather than 1 thing by 100%.

Continual small 1% marginal improvements will enable us to achieve our Customer Promises.

We believe that we can continue learning to improve our product and servicing offering to our customers. It is not in our nature to sit on our laurels, nor do we believe we do everything right - We want to get better at what we do. We recognise that this cannot be achieved overnight therefore our aim is to develop by small incremental continuous improvements.

We have a 1% Improvement Policy whereby we welcome all ideas from all team members that they suggest on how we can improve the experience we give to our customers. This simple idea has led to many great suggestions some of which we as a business are now implementing.

Here are just a few of the many 1% improvements that have been implemented:

Customer Welcome Packs as suggested by Rob, part of our Driver Team. This is delivered to all new Customers with their first order, it’s bursting with useful goodies and we even offer top-ups! #TopUpTheTin

The Warehouse Team can now view a product image, linked to the product stock code, allowing them to quickly double check what the product looks like to eliminate picking errors.

Our Customer Checklist is a simple but very effective 1% Improvement suggested by one of our Drivers. The list is a set of specific questions that ensures delivery issues are avoided, such as opening times and access restrictions.

Quotes from the Invopak Team:

"I find it easier to work on improving things little by little rather than us trying to change the world over night."

Tommy, part of our warehouse team.

"All the staff completely get the idea of 1% improvements and how they can help the customer."

Neville, part of our driver team.

"No matter what position you hold in the company all ideas are welcomed and discussed – I was recognized for mine and handed a Company Award."

Sam, part of the warehouse team

"My go to selling aid is to discuss with my customers the Company’s Purpose and Values, the why and how we do things at Invopak. Some of my customers have asked for our handbook."

Ollie, part of the sales team

"Stuart came up with the 1% improvement of a holiday checklist which we complete in the sales office ensuring a smoother transition for our customers when we are away. Very simple but effective."

Joan part of the Sales Office Team