The benefits of using square buckets

The benefits of using square buckets
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The benefits of using square buckets

Think of a bucket, and it's probably a round image that comes to mind, but there is another way. Square and rectangular buckets offer better efficiency and fresh branding opportunities compared to the standard circular shape.

Invopak has been at the forefront of rigid packaging in the UK for over fifty years, and providing a wide choice for our customers has always been a key part of our service offering. There are a variety of reasons why businesses choose a square or rectangular bucket, read on to find out more and see if a square shape might be the right fit for your business.

Space Efficiency for Cost Savings

Space efficiency is the biggest benefit of a square bucket. Square buckets can be shipped and stored edge-to-edge, there are no gaps and no space is wasted (unlike a traditional round bucket).

This makes square buckets efficient to store, they take up less warehouse or shelf space. This is one of the reasons why they are popular within the catering industry. When space is tight and you need to safely stock a variety of ingredients, a square bucket is a practical choice.

The space saving is considerable. Switching from a 5.5L round to a 5L square gives you 72% more buckets per pallet. This translates to reduced transport costs and enhanced logistics efficiencies, allowing more products to be transported in the same space.

Two involvement lorries loaded with rigid packagingTwo involvement lorries loaded with rigid packaging
Square buckets are the most space efficient shape, helping to maximise transport efficiency

Environmental Benefits

Square packaging brings a variety of environmental benefits. Improved packaging density means fewer shipments and a lower carbon footprint. Each lorry load less on the road means one less lorry load of fuel emissions.

Edge-to-edge packing means the buckets can be tightly packed together, so they move less in transit so less tertiary packaging is needed. There is also a reduction in packaging materials because more buckets can be fitted on each pallet, so less pallet wrap and bandings are needed for shipping the same volume of goods.

Utilising square buckets is a simple way to support sustainable practices within your packaging provision.

Optimal for Brand Visibility

There are branding benefits to the square bucket too. A square bucket can help your business stand out in the crowd. The four faces offer four opportunities for customer engagement. Customers can read the information immediately, and it's easy to create a label that has a "front-face" designed for shelf appeal, leaving the other faces free for secondary brand messaging, technical information or an ingredients list.

The flat surfaces make it easier to apply own-printed labels, which saves time for smaller businesses or smaller batch runs. Square buckets are also suitable for industrial printing processes, which can make sense for large businesses. 

In-mould labelling can be applied to square buckets at the manufacturing stage. The label becomes part of the bucket so it won't peel or rub off, making it a popular choice for commercial businesses. Invopak understands the in-mould labelling process and is happy to advise on everything from cutter guides to Pantone colours. We also offer creative design services, including branding and labelling through our partner Invo Design.

A square plastic bucket with an image of a lionA square plastic bucket with an image of a lion
The flat surfaces of square buckets are perfect for showcasing your brand.

Where can I Buy Square Plastic Buckets?

Invopak stocks a wide range of square plastic buckets in a range of colours and sizes, so whether you need a rectangular green bucket for fishing bait supplies, a Napoli tub for ice cream or a white square bucket for catering, we can help.

When it comes to right-angled packaging we do more than buckets! We also supply small square food tubs as well as metal rectangular tins, so whatever type of packaging you require you can enjoy the space-saving business benefits of square.