1. 500ml 5 items
  2. 1 litre 5 items
  3. 2 litre 5 items
  4. 3 litre 5 items
  5. 5 litre 5 items
  1. 1 litre to 4.99 litres 3 items
  2. 5 litres to 9.99 litres 3 items
  3. 10 litres to 19.99 litres 3 items
  1. High Density Polyethylene 2 items
  2. Polypropylene 2 items
  1. Clear 2 items
  2. Natural 2 items
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Plastic Jugs

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Explore our practical range of high-quality plastic jugs at Invopak. Our wholesale plastic jugs meet the diverse packaging needs of various industries, ensuring durability, functionality, and compliance with industry standards.

Our plastic jugs are designed to accommodate different capacities and applications. From small-scale production to larger industrial requirements, our food grade plastic jugs offer a reliable way to decant liquids of various viscosities into your chosen packaging.

At Invopak, we prioritise quality and source products that are safe, reliable, and fully recyclable after use. Our plastic jugs are manufactured with precision in Italy, they are autoclavable and highly resistant to chemicals making them suitable for commercial and laboratory use.