Promise Number Four


We promise that our team will have the knowledge and expertise to offer the ideal packaging solutions for your business.

At Invopak we have a wealth of knowledge and experience within our business that allows us to offer packaging solutions to complement your products and add value to your business.

To ensure that we can answer all your questions confidently, we complete regular product training across the business. We also arrange visits to our trusted suppliers to learn about the manufacturing process of all our products, and our culture of supporting one another means that even if one of us doesn’t have the answer, between us we’ll always be able to find the best solution for you.

Therefore, this promise highlights our culture of being a Learning Organisation and a commitment that we are making to continually train and develop all members of our team.

To find out more about any of our Customer Promises, please ask any member of our team. We wish to tell you all about the improvements we have been making and how these led to us being recognised and ultimately wining the E3 Business Award for Customer Service Excellence.