Beyond Brexit

You may have seen reports of disruption in supply chains following the change to Import/Export Regulations which came into effect on 1 January. Despite the changes, we can reassure you that we are now seeing a smooth flow of products to our Customers, without any serious disruption. We were determined to make our plans well in advance throughout 2020 in order to reduce and mitigate risks wherever possible. In particular we have achieved this by:

  • Standardisation to Heat Treated Pallets to comply with ISPM 15 import/export specifications and certification.
  • We planned ahead and anticipated that lead times would be extended in our supply chain.  As a result we have significantly increased our stock levels and invested in additional warehouse space.
  • New and unexpected demand from new markets as a result of COVID-19 has also resulted in us securing additional stocks for our Customers. We have increased our stock holding by £1.2m to over £3.5 Million – the largest in our market.
  • Throughout 2020 we were working with reputable Customs Agents who are fully aware of INCO Terms and Import/Export processes.
  • Our systems and processes have been updated to accommodate the additional information that must accompany your orders e.g. Import/Export Commercial Invoices.
  • Freight costs and Customs Fees have increased and remain above 2020 levels as demand for these services far outweighs supply. We are ensuring we have multiple supply options including goods being transported by container as well as by road.
  • The producers of raw materials are being disciplined in the marketplace, limiting supply and forcing price inflation. We only deal with long standing reputable suppliers with whom we have strong relationships. We have therefore been able to secure long term contracts for materials.

We will continue to work through the changes over the coming weeks and months and our No.1 Priority is to maintain the consistent, world-class service that we deliver to our Customers.

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