The Best Butt in Packaging.

You can be forgiven if it took you a second glance to realise that you did just see water butts on our site!

Although a little different from our usual offering of packaging containers, our new range of water butts is something that we very excited and happy to be able to offer to you.

The call for us to live and work more sustainably has never been louder. Ourselves and many other businesses are implementing new and sustainable ways of working internally, but, we don't want to stop there. Over the coming months, we want to expand this approach into our product range too. Our new water butts are just one of the ways that we have started to do this.

Now, we know that all water butts have a tremendous amount of benefits. They can reduce your carbon footprint, save money on water bills, help plants to flourish, and they're simple yet effective. Just to name a few. However, we think we might just have the best butts in packaging, and here's why:


Made from 100% recycled plastic

All of our water butts are manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE (high-density polyethene). Did you know it is actually more cost-effective to produce a product from recycled HDPE than from virgin plastic?

Easy to set up

Our water butts are extremely easy to set up. With only a handful of basic tools, they can be installed in any home or business in minutes. The instruction manual included with every water butt also makes setting up even easier.

Extremely durable plastic

Recycled HDPE is highly resistant to rotting, insects and mould. It also has excellent resistance to extreme weather, making it a perfect choice for a wide range of outdoor products such as composters and outdoor storage containers.

Discrete design

Our water butts are designed to do their job efficiently, whilst blending into the backdrop of your outdoor space. The olive green finish allows the water butt to be as discrete as possible.


You can view our range of water butts HERE. All come complete with stand and rain diverter as standard and are available to order in pallet quantities. 

Create an online account in minutes to view prices and order online. And if you have any questions about our water butts, just click on our LiveChat option and we will be happy to help in any way we can.