1. 50mm to 69mm 4 items
  2. 90mm to 109mm 4 items
  3. 110mm to 129mm 4 items
  4. 130mm to 159mm 4 items
  1. 60ml 14 items
  2. 120ml 14 items
  3. 155ml 14 items
  4. 180ml 14 items
  5. 240ml 14 items
  6. 280ml 14 items
  7. 300ml 14 items
  8. 375ml 14 items
  9. 520ml 14 items
  10. 565ml 14 items
  11. 770ml 14 items
  12. 800ml 14 items
  13. 1.18 litre 14 items
  14. 1.55 litre 14 items
  1. 15ml to 99ml 4 items
  2. 100ml to 499ml 4 items
  3. 500ml to 999ml 4 items
  4. 1 litre to 4.99 litres 4 items
Specific Material
  1. Polypropylene 1 item
  1. Polypropylene 1 item
  1. Clear 3 items
  2. Natural 3 items
  3. White 3 items
UN Approved
  1. No 1 item
  1. No 1 item
Food Grade
  1. Yes 1 item
  1. Yes 1 item
Tamper Evident
  1. Yes 1 item
  1. Yes 1 item
  1. Yes 2 items
  2. No 2 items
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Food Grade Tubs

23 Products

Wholesale Food Tubs

Our range of plastic food tubs is perfect for any food production or catering business looking to package and distribute a wide range of foods.
Our entire range of plastic tubs is manufactured from food-grade polypropylene (PP), an extremely lightweight plastic.
The full range is also tamper-evident meaning once the lid has initially been applied to the tub, it cannot be removed until the tamper-evident tab has been broken. This ensures the contents remain untouched and free from contamination until it reaches the end-user and makes them a perfect choice for storing dried foods, sauces, dressings, oils, pastes, spreads, powders, pasta, spices, ice cream, popcorn and much more.
Available in square, rectangular and standard round options our buckets range in sizes from 120 millilitres to 4 litres and come in a variety of colours to choose from including clear options that allow your products to be showcased to maximum effect.
All of our food-grade tubs are available to order online today in pack and pallet quantities.
You can also take advantage of our design and printing services to enhance your products even further. Our in-house design team can create bespoke artwork that really makes your products stand out from the crowd. IML printing options then showcase your brand design to its full potential with a photographic quality finish.
If you need any help or further information about any of our food-grade tubs or printing services, please contact us today. We aim to provide the perfect packaging solutions for your business.