Are your products covered by our Stock Guarantee?

When the Invopak Stock Guarantee first launched in 2018, we hoped that it would help our customers feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we will NEVER run out of our fastest moving and most popular products. Creating a hassle free experience and helping your business to run smoothly is something that we always strive for and our Stock Guarantee was another way that we could deliver this.

Since it’s launch, our Stock Guarantee has been a great success and has provided peace of mind to so many of our customers. It was always the plan to continue growing our Stock Guarantee from the original 17 product lines, and we are so proud to share that our Guarantee now covers 45 of our core product lines, protecting the supply of more and more or our customers.

Invopak are the first in the industry to offer a Guarantee of this kind and in order to do so we:

  • Dramatically increased our stock holding on our guaranteed lines
  • Put agreements in place with our core suppliers to ensure that our customers needs will always be dealt with as a priority
  • Monitor our stock inventory on a daily basis.
  • Delivered training to everyone in the business to ensure that we all understand how we can safeguard our customers supply.

We are so proud of how our Stock Guarantee has helped our customers so far and we are committed to developing this service for more and more of you.

To view the full range of our stock guarantee products and find out how this industry-first guarantee, can support your business, please click here.