Generators, Gin & Gloves!

We supply a huge variety of industries and many of these produce vital supplies that support the pandemic response.

During the height of lockdown, we had to proactively manage our supply chain to ensure that we could fulfil demand from customers that play a critical role in the pandemic response.

It might not seem obvious how some of our customers in the Generators, Gin and Gloves industries have played a critical role during the pandemic, but we wanted to share with you the amazing things that they do:


  • One of our customers that we supply pails to is a paint manufacturer that produces paint for generators and equipment that went into the new Hospitals.
  • Another customer who is a resin manufacturer produces waterproofing coating for the emergency NHS units that were constructed.


  • We saw a rise in alcohol production companies (such as gin producers) switching their manufacturing to hand sanitiser. 
  • The government gave grants for manufacturers using alcohol to switch production to sanitiser – this includes paint companies, flavours and essences and car wash products. 
  • We saw our Plastic Bottle and Jerrycan sales increase rapidly due to this.


  • Some of our customers produce dyes that are used to make plastic gloves used in the medical industry.
  • The dyes are shipped in our Kegs and Buckets.

The examples above represent just a few of the amazing things that our customers produce which have been critical during the pandemic. It doesn’t stop there; other customers produce soaps and cleaning products that are packaged in our Aluminium Bottles and Jerrycans.

In addition to this, many base ingredients or sauces are supplied in our tubs, bottles, and buckets - these form an essential part of food production and distribution.

Our Role:

We understand the role that our customers play in the production of vital products. Our role in this is to ensure that we continue to fulfil orders for these customers, despite spikes in demand and any supply-chain issues that we may face. 

During times like this, our purpose is more important than ever, it’s what we’re here to do:

“Delivering our Customers’ Products to Market with Confidence”

We’re truly grateful to our fantastic team of colleagues that continue to enable us to do this, no matter what the world throws at us.