Respecting your people and long term planning is the best way to avoid predictable screw-ups like shortages. 

An involved, motivated and well-rewarded workforce is the best way to keep the shelves stacked and the fuel pumping.

Our CEO, Arjen Cooper-Rolfe, maintains: “Profit doesn’t come to your rescue in a crisis. Your people do. Or they will if you treat them right.”

Thousands of British businesses rely on us to fit in with their supply chain and deliver their products to them along with an outstanding customer experience.

Even though we source products from across the UK and Europe and store and deliver them using our fleet, we haven’t suffered from a lack of delivery drivers, running out of stock or fuel.

We're by no means saying it's easy, but we are confident in our people and their commitment to delivering our customers' products to market with confidence. Whether this is the commitment of our warehouse & driver colleagues throughout the pandemic or the agility of our procurement team to source and offer like-for-like alternatives to products with prolonged lead times. It's one of the main reasons that we've been able to maintain our Stock Guarantee product lines.

“We’ve seen the delivery driver problem coming for years - which is part of the reason why we focus so much time on making this company a great place to work for everyone. It builds a natural resilience to external shocks.

As a whole team, we look into the future every single day to plan and identify problems coming down the track, whether that’s a driver shortage or a global pandemic, and work together to support each other and the business to make sure we stay on course.

It’s not rocket science – it’s mainly common sense. And it would be nice to see more of the same as the country struggles to cope with at the moment.

It is part of our Values to always look for new and innovative ways to enhance our service, and the Stock Guarantee is one of the biggest steps we've been able to take towards achieving this to date.

As a trusted supplier, one of the most significant things we can do is to guarantee we will have products ready when customers need them. They have plenty of other things to worry about.” - Arjen Cooper-Rolfe: