Why Compost? 5 Benefits of Composting

In recent years, the need for us to embrace more sustainable ways of living and working has never been more apparent. Recycling is now a part of our everyday life; electric cars are no longer just a thing of science fiction and renewable energy is slowly becoming edging out traditional fossil fuels.

With environmental issues in the news daily, it’s no surprise that more and more people are wanting to do their part to help. This has further intensified in the last year since 16-year-old Greta Thunberg brought climate change to the peak of publicity. The ‘Greta Effect’, has resulted in children also getting more involved in ways to live a greener life.

One of those ways is composting. You may never have considered composting as something that will make a difference. However, for anyone with a garden, composting can be an "easy win" when it comes to the challenge of adapting to a more sustainable life. It's a simple solution that almost anyone can adopt on both small and large scales.

Here are just some of the many benefits that should get you thinking of starting your very own compost;


5 Benefits of Composting

  1. Produces Nutrient Rich Soil: Soil is often is too acidic for plants to grow properly. However, adding compost to soil helps to regulate the acid and alkaline levels in your soil, which support plant growth.
  2. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint: Although not as talked about as Carbon Dioxide, Methane is a greenhouse gas that enters the atmosphere as organic waste in landfills decomposes without any airflow. By composting, you will reduce your carbon footprint by simply keeping your organic waste from adding to the pile.
  3. Discourages Garden Pests: The micro-nutrients that are found in compost have a similar effect on garden pests as pesticides. This also means there's no need for harmful chemical pesticides.
  4. Conserves Water & Fuel: Compost aerates the soil and helps plants to retain water which means there's a lesser need for watering. Also, because most organic wastes contain a lot of water, they can be quite heavy. Not having to transport these heavy wastes saves fuel, energy and money.
  5. It's Cheap To Start: We already know that composting can SAVE you money, but it's also cheap to start composting too. Other than the initial investment of purchasing a composter, there are no hidden costs.


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