Our Culture

Why Do We Exist?

We started by creating a Purpose that defined why we existed, beyond simply making money.

It might sound odd at first, and you might be thinking what purpose does a business have other than making money? Well, this is the reason that we exist beyond simply making money:

Delivering Our Customers Products To Market With Confidence.

Having a clear Purpose not only defines why we’re here and why customers buy from us; it defines our end goal.

This goal is the reason that we come into work every day and it’s the single objective that every colleague in the business works towards which never changes.

How Do We Achieve Our Purpose?

It was clear what we were here to do, but we needed to define how we would do it. We did this by developing our 4 core Values:



Building on our positive reputation.



Exceeding our Customers’ expectations.



Always looking for new ways of doing business.



Everyone here makes a difference.



Aspiring to achieve exceptional results.

Linking Our Purpose & Values To Business Success

We had a strong Purpose and set of Values to unite our colleagues. Now, we needed to expand our understanding of how our Purpose and Values are fundamental to achieving key business goals.

We visually set this out in our Planning Pyramid. It’s driven by our Purpose and Values and clearly highlights how every individual in the organisation contributes to achieving our goals and long-term plans.

Performance Culture

The end result!

Our Performance Culture has been created as a result of our Purpose, Values and everything embodied in our Planning Pyramid. Our Culture is important to us because it enables individuals to take responsibility to improve the way we do things, learn new skills, make their own decisions and most importantly, have fun on the journey.

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