Printed Aluminium Packaging

Whether you’re launching a new range of products or you want to re-brand your existing range, our aluminium packaging can help transform and elevate your brand.

How are they made?

Each Aluminium Container is manufactured from a single piece of aluminium using a process called Impact Extrusion. This process has many advantages over conventional production methods and offers greater flexibility with dimension choices.

The end result is a lightweight, extremely robust, seamless container that offers outstanding protection for your products.

All extrusions can be produced with:

  • Lined or unlined caps
  • Internal food grade lacquer
  • Embossed caps
  • Or without inward curl

Environmentally Friendly

Our Aluminium containers can be fully recycled and reused an infinite number of times, providing a sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging option for your business.

Design and Printing

High quality decoration options make your packaging fully customisable to your brand. Our in-house design team can support you in creating stunning, bespoke artwork that will really showcase your products.

Offset printing technology allows us to offer high decoration of up to 4 colours in one pass. The option to add an additional matte or metallic finish to your packaging, provides further opportunities to make your product stand out from the crowd.



A design of your choice, such as a company logo can also be embossed onto caps or bodies to your specific requirements to create an overall heightened brand presence.

Embossing is available for a one-off tool charge cost, making it a cost effective yet striking addition to your packaging design.


Suitable For

Aluminium containers are suitable for an immeasurable range of applications. We want to help your customers
recognise just how outstanding your products are, by ensuring that your outer packaging is just as good as what’s inside.

These stunning packaging containers are already proving hugely successful in many industries including:

The possibilities really are endless!!

If you would like more information on our aluminium containers and the printing options available, please complete the enquiry form.