Printed Packaging

Printed Packaging

Printed packaging is one of the most effective ways for you to get your brand message across to your customers and help your products to stand out from the crowd.

You want your products to get noticed, and this is where we can help. Our in-house design team can assist and support you in creating bespoke artwork and designs for your packaging.

We work closely with printing specialists to be able to offer you several different printing options and techniques.

In Mould Labelling

In Mould Labelling or IML, is a printing technique that can be applied to plastic packaging containers. During the manufacturing process a pre-printed label is placed into a mould and fused with the plastic container to become one. Due to no adhesives being used, the possibility of labels peeling, being scratched or becoming damaged is completely removed and you are left with a high resolution, photographic quality finish on your product, allowing it to be seen at its very best.

As the containers and labels are made up of the same material, they can be fully recycled making IML a great choice for the environment.

IML is extremely resistant to large changes in temperature, meaning it is ideal for food industries where products need to be refrigerated or frozen.

In Mould Labelling is available for quantities as low as 5000 units per run.

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Offset Printing

Traditional Offset printing can be applied to our range of metal packaging containers such as our pails and tins and allows designs to be made up of up to 6 colours. The actual printing takes place as the product is being made, when the bespoke artwork is fused together with a sheet of material. This again creates a high quality photographic quality finish that will not scratch or peel like many label alternatives.

Offset Printing is available for quantities as low as 3000 units per run.

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