Pill Containers

Invopak supplies a wide range of plastic pill containers in capacities from 150ml to 1 litre. All of our plastic pill containers are tamper-evident which is vital for packaging high value and age-restricted products. The tamper-evident plastic seal must be broken before these pots can be opened ensuring safety and avoiding contamination until it arrives with the end-user. Manufactured from high-quality polypropylene, these tamper-evident pots are also certified food grade. Our pill containers are ideal for storing, transporting and packaging pills, powders, pastes and water-soluble materials. Available in a pack or pallet quantities, these tamper-evident containers have a host of industrial applications such as pharmaceutical, veterinary, nutrition, supplements, laboratory and food. Full specifications are available to download from each product page. For more information on our pill containers, contact us today by phone or click the live chat button in the bottom corner of the page and one of our customer service executives will be happy to help.