Stock Guarantee

Our Stock Guarantee safeguards your packaging supply, allowing you to place full trust in us as a supplier.

It is part of our Values to always look for new and innovative ways to enhance the service we provide you. Our Stock Guarantee is one of the biggest steps we've been able to take towards achieving this to date.

As a trusted supplier of packaging containers, one of the most significant, yet simplest things we can do for you is to guarantee we will have your products ready when you need them. Our Stock Guarantee does exactly this, safeguarding your packaging supply and allowing you to place full trust in us as a supplier.

We are the first within our industry to offer a guarantee like this and are able to do so because of our strong partnerships with our trusted suppliers.

By working together, we understand your patterns of product usage and put measures in place to guarantee that key products are always ready and waiting for you, whenever you need them.

How Do We Guarantee This?

•  A significant increase in our stock inventory on all guaranteed lines

• Training for all departments to understand how we can all safeguard our Customers supply

•  Daily monitoring of our stock inventory

•  Stringent agreements in place with our trusted suppliers to ensure that our business is dealt with as a priority

•  Designated spaces within our warehouse for guaranteed lines

•  Utilisation of 3 depots to achieve delivery of our guaranteed lines

•  Same Day collection available on guaranteed lines


Originally launched with 17 products, our Stock Guarantee has grown to now cover our fastest moving and most popular products. And we haven't finished yet, the number of products covered in our Stock Guarantee will continue to grow over the coming months as we continue to ensure that we never let you down.

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