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So, you've got your plastic bucket, or perhaps you opted for a metal rectangular tin, and now you need some lids to go with them. Or, perhaps you're looking for some additional accessories such as funnels or taps. That's where Invopak comes in, and we are confident that we will have exactly the lids, closures and accessories that you and your business are looking for. 

We have an extensive range of plastic jugs, scoops, and additional plastic accessories to suit every possible business and goods transportation need. We are wholesale specialists and pride ourselves on delivering lasting quality products and consistency for businesses. 

If you can't find the lids and accessories you need for your products, or if you need a different quantity, please reach out to us, and our accommodating team will be happy to aid you in any way they can. 

Browse Invopak's extensive range of lids, closures and accessories today, and we're sure you'll find something to suit your needs.