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Plastic Funnels

12 Products

Invopak's range of plastic funnels is ideal for the safe and efficient transfer of liquids and granular materials such as powders and grains.

Manufactured from HDPE and PP, their efficient design is ideally suited for many industrial applications where substances need to be transferred with ease and precision.

Due to their excellent chemical resistance, they are commonly used in laboratories, distilleries and the automotive industry for filling, decanting and transferring substances from one vessel to another.

The entire range is also food grade certified and are extremely popular in the commercial catering industry for use with liquids, sauces, pastes and more.


Funnels for Liquids

A selection of our funnels are specifically designed for use with liquids.

They are manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). HDPE is a lightweight yet robust plastic that offers extreme durability without the risk of breakages.

Bowl sizes range from 100ml to 10000ml capacities to accommodate jobs of all sizes.

The design includes a rim on the upstand to reduce any possible overflow during the transference of liquids. The outside of the funnel is also ribbed to eliminate any back pressure.


Powder Funnels

Manufactured from PP (polypropylene), our plastic powder funnels can still be used with liquids. Similar to HDPE, PP offers tremendous versatility and durability.

Bowl sizes range from 200ml to 1290ml and have a 60° angle. The funnels have a larger bore to avoid bridging powders during transfer, and the outside is ribbed to prevent pressure lock.

Our full selection of powder funnels are autoclavable, a sterilisation method that uses high-pressure steam.

Suitable for use with a wide range of our wholesale packaging containers and with no minimum order quantity, you can find our selection of funnels for sale with our Plastic Jerry Cans, Plastic Bottles and more.