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Plastic Scoops

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Invopak offers a selection of easy-to-clean plastic scoops ideal for accurately measuring and dispensing a variety of ingredients, chemicals and more. Available in a variety of sizes, our plastic scoops are suited to a wide range of both industrial and domestic applications.

All our plastic scoops are manufactured from food-grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene). Both plastics are lightweight, durable and practical to use.

Their efficient design allows for the easy dispensing of a range of powders, grains, and chemicals and products such as protein powder, coffee, and pet foods.

Measuring Plastic Scoops

Our selection of plastic scoops, or measuring spoons, are produced from opaque white PP. Plastic scoop sizes range from 250ml to 1000ml (1l). The capacity of each scoop can be conveniently found moulded onto the handle for easy reference.

Our plastic scoops have a stylish yet practical design. The flat top makes it easy to level off powders for precise measuring, and the flat base enables the scoops to stand horizontally.

Although suitable for many industries and applications, our measuring scoops are extremely popular in the catering industry for accurately measuring ingredients such as flour, grains and powders.

Industrial Plastic Scoops

Due to their tremendous strength and durability, our selection of industrial plastic scoops or rounded scoops are specifically designed for use in heavy industrial applications. Produced from a single piece of moulded HDPE, our sizes range from 250ml to 1500ml. They have an easy grip handle and rounded design that helps to facilitate the complete transfer of the material.

Industrial plastic scoops are widely used in the agriculture and chemical industries where reliability is a must. They are food-grade certified, making suitable for coffee, protein powders, flour, pet food and wholesale food stores.

They are a useful purchase alongside our wholesale packaging containers and with no minimum order quantity, you can find our plastic scoops for sale as accessories to our Plastic Jerry Cans, Plastic Buckets, Plastic Drums and many other products.