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  1. 90mm to 109mm 1 item
  1. 90mm to 109mm 1 item
  1. 150ml 7 items
  2. 250ml 7 items
  3. 400ml 7 items
  4. 500ml 7 items
  5. 650ml 7 items
  6. 1 litre 7 items
  7. 1.25 litre 7 items
  1. 100ml to 499ml 3 items
  2. 500ml to 999ml 3 items
  3. 1 litre to 4.99 litres 3 items
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Food Grade Jars

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Invopak supplies a comprehensive range of plastic food grade jars that are ideal for any food supplement, flavours and powder production business looking to package and distribute a wide range of food-based products.


Manufactured from both polypropylene (PP) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate), our plastic food grade jars are lightweight, durable and 100% food-grade certified. This makes them an excellent durable yet lightweight alternative to glass.

Our Polypropylene food grade jars come in a white finish and are available in both non-tamper-evident and tamper-evident options. Their smooth-white-clinical finish makes them perfect for packaging food or medical products.  


Ranging in sizes from 150 millilitres to 5 litres, all of our food-grade jars are available to order online today in pack and pallet quantities with a selection of colourful closures to choose from to suit your needs.


If you need any help or further information about any of our food-grade tubs or printing services, please contact us today. We aim to provide the perfect packaging solutions for your business.