Invopak is a manufacturer
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Invopak is a manufacturer

Made in Manchester

Summer 2024 marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Invopak. We can finally lift the (tinplate) lid off and reveal that we're manufacturing tins at our own factory. It's an important moment for us as we get ready for the first tins to roll off our production line, but why did we decide to do this? and how will it benefit you, our customers? 

What’s happening?

The factory has been built at our Hyde, Manchester site, next door to our Head Office. It's been designed from the ground up and we've invested in the latest technology, so our factory will deliver reliable excellence at every stage of production.

We've commissioned multiple production lines, setting us up to manufacture the most in-demand tinplate products, such as lever lid tins and UN approved rectangular cans in-house. 


Why tins and why now?

Metal packaging recycles forever making it arguably the most sustainable choice. Tinplate has also been heavily affected by supply-chain issues in the past. Producing tins for our customers directly means we can counter many difficulties that beset imported goods such as delays due to bad weather, industrial strikes, Summer shut-downs or red tape at customs.

Investing in UK manufacturing fits with our ethos as a business too, providing jobs for the local area and a lower carbon footprint for every tin we deliver.


What are the benefits?

Unlike traditional manufacturers, we come from a customer-first starting point, so we can do things differently. With Invopak you can enjoy all the benefits of purchasing from a manufacturer, without compromising service. This is a first for tinplate manufacturing in the UK.

In a nutshell, manufacturing means we can;


  • Safeguard your packaging supply. 
  • Reduce lead times.
  • Provide sustainable products, made in the UK.
  • Offer a silver-service experience for any size customer.

What’s next?

Our first lines are nearing completion, look out for a first glimpse of our new cans in the next few weeks!  For now, you can secure production capacity for your business by registering your interest.

A metal packaging machine in a factory in ManchesterA metal packaging machine in a factory in Manchester
The first machines are rolled into place at our Manchester Factory