1. 250ml 5 items
  2. 500ml 5 items
  3. 1 litre 5 items
  4. 2.5 litre 5 items
  5. 5 litre 5 items
  1. 100ml to 499ml 4 items
  2. 500ml to 999ml 4 items
  3. 1 litre to 4.99 litres 4 items
  4. 5 litres to 9.99 litres 4 items
  1. Metal 1 item
Specific Material
  1. Tinplate 1 item
  1. Tinplate 1 item
  1. White 1 item
  1. Yes 2 items
  2. No 2 items
  1. Plain 2 items
  2. Lacquered 2 items
  1. Yes 2 items
  2. No 2 items
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Rectangular Tins

11 Products

Our range of wholesale rectangular tins are manufactured from high-quality tinplate and sourced from some of Europe's leading packaging specialists.

Available in sizes ranging from 250 millilitres to 5 litres, our rectangular tins are available with a choice of a screw cap closure or flexspout closure where a pull-out spout makes decanting liquid effortless.

The entire range is UN-approved and has been tested to comply with strict regulations for the safe storage and transportation of substances such as hazardous chemicals.

A choice of lacquered and plain internal finishes to suit your business needs. Plain interiors are suited to storing solvent-based products such as oils, powders and resins. Whereas lacquered interiors are more suitable for storing water-based substances such as coatings, stains and adhesives.

A selection of closures is available to choose from including child-resistant options.

Order all of our rectangular tins online today in pack and pallet quantities.

And why not make your products stand out from the rest? Our digital printing options can help showcase your brand design to its full potential with a photographic quality finish.

If you need any help or further information about any of our products or services, please contact us today. We aim to provide the perfect packaging solutions for your business.