IBC Tanks

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Invopaks IBC tanks are manufactured from some of the leading packaging specialists in Europe to provide the highest levels of durability and reliability.

Our intermediate bulk containers are UN approved certified, meaning they have been tested to comply with strict regulations for the safe storage and transportation of substances such as hazardous chemicals.

The inner bottle of the IBC is manufactured from food-grade HDPE (high-density polyethene), an extremely durable and highly resistant plastic. The inner bottle is then encased in a galvanised steel cage and mounted onto a robust plastic pallet that can be easily manoeuvred via forklifts. All our IBC's have a top opening for filling and discharge valve for easy decanting.

Being produced from food-grade HDPE, our IBC's are suitable for storing a variety of liquids for human consumption including drinking water and alcohol. Not limited to liquids alone, IBC's are also used for the storage and transportation of grains, powders, pastes, sanitisers and chemicals.

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