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Invopak is part of Involvement, and our purpose and values underpin how we operate as a business. Sustainability is an important part of this and includes our approach to our environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities.  We evaluate our ESG standards internally and externally and have partnered with independent industry experts including; EcoVadis, Investors in People, Feefo and the BRC to give us an accurate picture of our performance.

We believe in the power of teamwork and empowering our employees to make a difference. We have a 1% improvement reporting system and are always open to new ways of working. By constantly evaluating what we do and evolving we have won many awards including; Employer of the Year 2020. 


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Invopak and EcoVadis

As a leading supplier of packaging, we have a responsibility to operate our business in a sustainable and efficient way. We've partnered with the independent assessors EcoVadis, to help give us and our customers a clear view of how we're doing.

We achieved a Silver rating on our first assessment, which is above the industry average, and means that we are already in the top 25% of businesses, but we know there's more to do.

The EcoVadis sustainability rating focuses on four key areas; 


1) Sustainable Procurement

2) Environment

3) Labor & Human Rights 

4) Ethics


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1) Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement means that due consideration is made towards the protection of the environment and society across the purchasing process. For Invopak this means supply chain transparency, partnering with the best manufacturers and seeking out sustainable products.

Traceability of Products

We have complete visibility across the supply chain; from manufacturer, to warehouse, to customer. We are a BRC Global Standards Certified supplier, which means we have a system of robust check and control procedures in place that deliver a record of accountability across the board, offering a clear vision of the product journey from start to finish. 

British and European Manufacturers

We source products from the best manufacturers in the UK and Europe and our decades of experience in the packaging industry means that we have excellent relationships with leading suppliers. This means we have a secure product supply and are we are often the first to introduce new products.

Our goods are also transported via road and rail, rather than air, for a lower carbon footprint.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Packaging manufacturers are exploring all sorts of solutions to incorporate recycled plastic into their products. It can be as simple as using recycled rather than virgin polymer; like our plastic, PP buckets, which are made from up to 70% recycled plastic and can also be recycled themselves.

Our Coex bottles and Jerry Cans are made using a central core of recycled plastic, which is sandwiched between virgin plastic. This means these products are food grade as well as better for the environment. 

These products are manufactured to the same quality standards as those made from virgin plastic but with the benefit of utilising recycled plastic. This helps to close the loop on packaging manufacturing and ensures we fully utilise the world's resources. 

We stock a wide range of products made from PCR plastic, including; buckets, bottles and Jerry Cans, and have standardised PCR across many of our product offerings, helping to make recycled the normal choice in our industry. 

Find out more about BRC Global Standards here.
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Read more about PCR here.
Download our PCR bottles Factsheet here.
Download our PCR bucket Factsheet here.

2) Environment

The circular economy

The circular economy is focused on using and re-using resources, instead of making single-use products.

Sustainable procurement is just one part of a circular economy, products need to be easily recycled too. All of the packaging that Invopak supplies can be recycled, and we supply products made from recycled plastic too. See our PCR range here.

We are also one of the biggest suppliers of metal packaging in the UK, and it is one of our fastest-growing ranges. Metal can be recycled forever, making it an excellent choice for the environment. See our full selection of metal containers here.


The Treefo initiative

Invopak has recently signed up for Feefo's new initiative to fund tree-planting projects in return for honest customer reviews. The Treefo scheme means that every review shared supports reforestation projects worldwide.

Feefo will donate funds via sustainability experts Ecologi to support Eden Reforestation Projects each time feedback is received via Treefo.

Eden Reforestation Projects works with local communities and conservation teams to help restore landscapes. They operate worldwide and in some of the most remote locations to help reverse the damage of deforestation.

Just leave your Treefo feedback when you order to support this initiative and other important conservation projects.


Recycling Guide

All of our packaging is recyclable. Click the link below to read our recycling guide.

Plastic Packaging Tax

PPT is an environmental tax on non-recycled plastic. Click the link below to read our guide.

Plastic Packaging Tax

Click the link below to view the video.




We’re promoting a circular economy. We do this to influence the industry and also to contribute to the zero waste movement.


Arjen Cooper-Rolfe, CEO





"Britain's best team-led business"

Lloyds Bank Business Awards 2020


3) Labor & Human Rights

We operate under the highest standards of customer and employee care because we know that it's the people that make the difference.

We look after our customers, and we look after our team, which is why we've won lots of awards, including;


  • Employer of the year
  • Investors in People Gold
  • Feefo Platinum
  • Ecovadis Silver
  • BQF Customer Experience
  • Stevie Award Gold

Click here to view the full list.


Investors in People 


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Employer of the Year


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E3 Awards


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"A shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future"

United Nations Mission Statement



4) Ethics

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals were set out in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly. They are a collection of 17 interlinked goals designed to help achieve a better and more sustainable global future. 

Some of these goals are particularly resonant for us as a business, including; Industry Innovation and Infrastructure (9) and Responsible Consumption and Production (12).

Others are important to us as an employer, including; Good Health and Well-Being (3) and Decent Work and Economic Growth (8). 

You can read more about the UN Sustainability goals here.

Our Values Handbook

Invopak is part of Involvement; a family-owned company that was founded by the father of the current owner, Arjen Cooper-Rolfe.

How we operate and our values as a business are very important to us; being straightforward, trusted and ambitious is why we've been around for nearly fifty years! 

We've written a handbook to help crystalise our purpose and values into practical actions. It includes lots of useful information, including empowerment tools and checklists, as well as the hows and whys of our business. 

Click here to take a read. 

Click here to find out more about Involvement.





“‘We’ve transformed this business by recognising that it’s not about the product; it’s about the people. The entire team is on a mission to develop groundbreaking ways of working, striving to improve the way we do things by one per cent every day. "


Arjen Cooper-Rolfe