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  2. Blue 4 items
  3. Red 4 items
  4. White 4 items
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  2. 300ml 9 items
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  6. 750ml 9 items
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  5. 20 litres to 31.99 litres 5 items
  1. Plastic 1 item
  1. High Density Polyethylene 2 items
  2. Polypropylene 2 items
  1. Natural 2 items
  2. White 2 items
  1. Yes 2 items
  2. No 2 items
Food Grade
  1. Yes 1 item
  1. Yes 1 item
Tamper Evident
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Jerry Can Caps & Accessories

43 Products

Ensuring your liquids are safely stored and dispensed requires the right closures and accessories for your jerry cans. At Invopak, we understand this, and that's why we offer a comprehensive selection of jerry can caps & accessories to meet your specific needs. 

When it comes to secure storage, we have two primary options: tamper-evident caps and screw caps. Our tamper-evident options provide enhanced security and peace of mind. These caps visibly indicate any attempt to open the container, as the connection between the band and the lid needs to be broken for the lid to be opened, making them ideal for situations where protecting your contents is crucial. For everyday storage and transportation needs, our reliable screw caps offer a secure and leak-proof seal. They come in various sizes and colours to match your jerry cans and application.

We also offer a range of screw caps that come with a wadded seal. The wad is an internal lining within the cap that provides a secure and leak-proof seal. This is ideal for contents being transported long distances.

Easy and controlled dispensing of liquids is also important. We offer two solutions for this: pumps and tap caps. Our pumps are perfect for jerry cans containing soaps, cleaning products, oils, lubricants, or other liquids that require measured dispensing. They allow for controlled pouring and minimise mess. 

If you need a solution for convenient dispensing directly from the jerry can, consider our tap caps. tap caps allow for easy dispensing without removing the entire closure. Each tap cap has a minimum flow rate and a shaped spout to ensure smooth and controlled dispensing of liquids. They are also food-safe so can be ideal for juices, flavours and essences.

With our diverse range of jerry can caps & accessories, you'll find the perfect solution for efficient storage, secure transportation, and controlled dispensing of your liquids. Browse our selection today and discover the many ways Invopak can elevate your jerry can usage!